Our Services

1.Dog Walking/ Care

Daily Rate:  30 minute walk is $20-$25 for up to two dogs.

 Extra walk time and additional dogs can all be added.  

Emergency Services Offered for Late Nights at the Office 
Neighbor discounts if dogs can be walked together

2.Cat Care

All Cat Care includes: Daily Visits, Litter Box Cleaning, Feeding,  Petting/ Play time for 30 mins
Daily Rate: 30 minutes visit for $20-$25 for up tp 3 cats 



We Take Care of Special Needs Pets

3.All Other Pets

We take care and love all the pets we come across.
Fish, Turtles, Frogs, Chickens, Ferrets, Birds
Mice, Rats, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, Snakes, Rabbits 
Please Email, Text or Call for Rates (rates between $8-20 per day depending on animal)

Discounts offered for multipe pets!! 

Refer a neighbor and get 25% off your next service.

4. Extras

Transportation: Anywhere you and/ or your pet needs to go. 
$25 flat rate for up to 15 miles.  Additional miles can be added at $.50 per mile.
Medication: An extra $5 if visit is already scheduled. $20 if the trip is only for medicine. 

Overnight Stays:  $65 weekdays and $80 weekends

Full Day Stay:  Weekends Only $150